Well, this is something I never wanted to talk about. My father has terminal cancer, and the home I’ve known for a very long time will be put on the market after he is gone, however long that takes, so I am starting to get my homelab reduced in size as far as I can ... Read More


Hi folks! I’ve got a bit to report! I’ve been migrating my Linux servers to Debian from RHEL-derived distributions, and the last one to be migrated was the APRS node. I’ve had W4JDH-1 connected to APRS-IS for a long time: at least since 2011 and possibly earlier. For the longest time it was Xastir in ... Read More

CentOS 8 iGate

Hey, the title rhymes! I spent the past couple of days getting most of my Linux VMs set up on CentOS 8: the two that aren’t are the PowerChute appliance and my UniFi Controller. One of the VMs was set up as an APRS iGate using Xastir on Fedora previously, so I had to come ... Read More


It’s been over a week since I got back from attending Anime Weekend Atlanta for the 16th year in a row, and if I had to be honest with myself, this really was the best one ever. It had nothing to do with the convention’s content but rather had to do with getting to hang ... Read More

Current State

Hi! It’s been ages since I wrote here… I’ll try to be better. I now am self-hosting my personal websites as I put a server in a local datacenter recently. It’s something fun, and hardening WordPress is now something more easily doable since I have root on the server. That’s all for now!