Site Updates

Networking and Site Updates15 Sep 2020 03:39 pm

This server now runs on CentOS 7!

Additionally, on Friday evening my network port at the data center is being upgraded to 1 Gbps!

Back to the work day…

Site Updates12 Oct 2019 11:13 pm

Hi! It’s been ages since I wrote here… I’ll try to be better.

I now am self-hosting my personal websites as I put a server in a local datacenter recently. It’s something fun, and hardening WordPress is now something more easily doable since I have root on the server.

That’s all for now!

Site Updates12 May 2010 11:54 pm

So I fired tsuki up tonight! The 200GB drive I had for my home directory is toast, but the 60GB that was the primary drive still yet lives, and its MySQL database with it! There’s a fairly large amount of data on it that belongs to people, so if you had an account there, let me know and I’ll reset your password. You’ll have to use ssh/sftp/scp to connect to it though as I’m not poking holes in for FTP just yet.

I’ll leave it up and running for a bit as it’s a terribly old install of FreeBSD and I want to work on getting things set in motion to get the board in a new case with new drives and such. If anyone needs data burned off and mailed to them, I can do that as well.

The major reason I did this was to get the old WordPress database out of it so I could import the 2005 posts from it into here so this blog goes back to its true beginning. A nice ancillary to it was discovering that my old social linkshell’s website still was on there and worked. I need to see how easy it is to move it off there since there’s a lot of very old memories there.

This is really exciting in a way! I forgot how much stuff I had on that machine, and a lot of it needs a good home.

Site Updates05 May 2010 04:15 pm

I imported the pre-FFXI blog posts from my other WordPress blog, so this goes back to 2006 now. Now to figure out how to pull the ones off the big server. I probably will boot with the original drives in first so I can grab those off it before I go nuts with the full setup. Need to look into that in the next few days.

Site Updates28 Feb 2007 12:17 am

Test test test.

Following ZeroZephyr‘s example, I’m setting my wordpress blog to mirror itself to LJ. If you’re wondering why you saw a ton of reposts on your LJ friends lists, it’s because I was up all night trying to export my LJ to WP but failing miserably.

So I’m just gonna leave LJ as it stands and do this for stuff. Maybe it’ll get me writing in my blog for realz.

Site Updates29 Jun 2006 10:40 am

I don’t update this nearly enough. Maybe now I’ll have time/motivation to do such.

More to come later.

Site Updates18 Jan 2006 10:28 am


Site Updates29 Aug 2005 12:34 am

*tap tap* Is this thing on?

I’d moved the “blog” part of the site around a couple of months ago and made it basically disappear. But, as what happens far too often, I was bored so I decided to move it back to the “main” part of the site. Which means I have to start posting more often. I’m not going to have this replace my LiveJournal this time around but rather have it be a “general information” blog or something. Of what, I’m not quite sure yet.

I’ll probably figure something out in the next few days, but for now, I’ll leave you with today’s “zomgwtf” kaomoji.


Site Updates15 Apr 2005 09:26 pm

Well, in addition to having to rip the hotswap enclosure out, the mobo on the server died. So I had to replace that tonight. Fun times indeed.

Server (and all hosted sites) is back up. That is all.

Site Updates02 Apr 2005 06:41 pm

So, now I have my blog set up on WordPress now. I need to muck around with the theme to get it going the way I like it, but so far it should work.

There’s still some work to do on the site, so look for that in the near future.

Also, for those of you still on LiveJournal, my blog is available through the syndicated account ‘w4jdh’.

But, for now, that is all on this post.