Taking a night off from the backup fun of getting roughly 40-50GB of data off my primary machine’s hard disk so I can do the good ol’ nuke-and-pave method to get Windows reinstalled as I’m trying to get the machine actually running speedily again (well, mostly because a couple of games are having nice “deathlag” problems not long after being started.

Instead of doing that, I’m reinstalling XP on the Vaio PCG-Z505HS I picked up last week as the original HDD that came with it was failing. So I had fun last night using BartPE to move all the data off the 60GB secondary drive in my older laptop to the 80GB I pulled out of the primary machine a while back and swapping them. So far, it seems to be working. Now if Windows Update will cooperate…

Anyway, I’m probably going to try to wean myself off my LiveJournal in favor of this. It’ll probably do me some good to actually try my hand at actual “web publishing” or something like that.

Either way, it should be a fun diversion.