Short Term Update

Well, last post I talked about downsizing a bit and mentioned my colocated servers. Well, one potential locale for my move is the Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle or Bellingham in Washington State, so I did a little looking around and found a colocation facility that does per-server hosting in Tukwila, so that could serve as ... Read More


Well, this is something I never wanted to talk about. My father has terminal cancer, and the home I’ve known for a very long time will be put on the market after he is gone, however long that takes, so I am starting to get my homelab reduced in size as far as I can ... Read More


Hi folks! I’ve got a bit to report! I’ve been migrating my Linux servers to Debian from RHEL-derived distributions, and the last one to be migrated was the APRS node. I’ve had W4JDH-1 connected to APRS-IS for a long time: at least since 2011 and possibly earlier. For the longest time it was Xastir in ... Read More

CentOS 8 iGate

Hey, the title rhymes! I spent the past couple of days getting most of my Linux VMs set up on CentOS 8: the two that aren’t are the PowerChute appliance and my UniFi Controller. One of the VMs was set up as an APRS iGate using Xastir on Fedora previously, so I had to come ... Read More