So, I finally made it back to MomoCon this year after missing it last year (due to needing to buy tires :/). Arrived at the con last night around 6:15 or so, grabbed dinner with a friend, then proceeded to wander around for a bit. I got there after the dealers room had already closed, so after about an hour and a half or so, we headed out to go raid the CompUSA up this way that’s closing. Snagged a book on J2ME for cheap.

I headed back down there this afternoon to hit the dealers room to see if anything struck my fancy. I got Hameln OST 2 & 3 for $5/ea, so that was a good deal. After I did that, I headed out to track down another friend of mine at the AMV workshop he said he was going to. I caught the last part of it, and it gave me some ideas that might eventually have to be put into practice.

After that was done, we were going to head back to the dealer’s room to get the con shirt then probably head out. That’s when things went south. Turned out that some jerks wanted to set off firecrackers inside the GT Student Center, so GTPD came in and we had to leave the building. My friend headed out, so I decided to stay and see what the deal was.

All I have to say right now is that whoever did that deserves to never attend another con in their life. Ruining a free con is just plain low.

I suppose we can just hope that there will be a MomoCon 2008. I wish the staff and directors well and applaud their thinking of the other con attendees’ safety in closing the con. I hope I would have done the same in their position.

At any rate, after departing from downtown, I headed up to meet with said friend at MicroCenter. He had some coupons, so I picked up a 160GB IDE drive and another external enclosure along with more thinpack jewel cases as I am presently out of them.

It’s one thing to shout “MARCO! POLO!” across the hotel at AWA, which is just marginally annoying, but it’s another thing to have to have the directors of a con close the con because of your stupid terrorist-like (THERE I SAID IT) actions. :/