As I finally decided to do something with again, I’m gonna post a blog post then decide what to do with the root site (currently just a blank index page).

While the new forthcoming rage is sure to be the second (third?) iteration of the Tablet PC shown at CES, I am still drawn to a device that has an actual keyboard on it. I think this still stems from my trust of a keyboard vs my handwriting for entering things like passwords, keyboard commands in games, and keyboard commands in text editors. Not to mention shell commands when using SSH.

For now, though, I have a rackmount case on the way to me to rebuildĀ  my old router PC using OpenBSD with, which will be a project for the near future. With any luck, setting that up should be simple, and I’ll be back online with a proper router between myself and the ‘net instead of a consumer-grade, low-memory router.