So I fired tsuki up tonight! The 200GB drive I had for my home directory is toast, but the 60GB that was the primary drive still yet lives, and its MySQL database with it! There’s a fairly large amount of data on it that belongs to people, so if you had an account there, let me know and I’ll reset your password. You’ll have to use ssh/sftp/scp to connect to it though as I’m not poking holes in for FTP just yet.

I’ll leave it up and running for a bit as it’s a terribly old install of FreeBSD and I want to work on getting things set in motion to get the board in a new case with new drives and such. If anyone needs data burned off and mailed to them, I can do that as well.

The major reason I did this was to get the old WordPress database out of it so I could import the 2005 posts from it into here so this blog goes back to its true beginning. A nice ancillary to it was discovering that my old social linkshell’s website still was on there and worked. I need to see how easy it is to move it off there since there’s a lot of very old memories there.

This is really exciting in a way! I forgot how much stuff I had on that machine, and a lot of it needs a good home.