With the last of /home dealt with, I will be powering tsuki down tonight to prep for a rebuild. In my locating its drives the other day, I noticed that I have a spare 160GB IDE drive. That will make a perfect start for it. Additionally, the 250W power supply that’s in the 2U case already should suffice for the system since it’s not going to be using an overpowered video card. So that’s two items down in the setup.

Rebuilding tsuki in the 2U case will be the first step in rearranging and rebuilding my network to a point past its former zenith. The next step is moving the printer and my mother’s computer out of the computer room into the kitchen. The second step is probably more important as it will clear up a rather large amount of desk space for me to move my desktop to a temporary location as I continue to clean up the computer room in preparation for the rack.

Once enough room has been cleared out for the rack, I’ll roll it in and start putting hardware in it. The first things to go in are the rackmount switch and tsuki, then once I get a large enough shelf, my desktop. Putting my desktop in the rack will allow me to return to my old computer desk after being away from it for almost 8 years. My crazy idea back in ’02 to switch my old desktop to a server pulled me away from it, but soon I will be back in front of it. I rather liked that desk, and the router Mac is sitting in its computer spot.

I have a few other machines that will need rackmounting, so I’ll be picking up more shelves for them. Pictures will definitely be posted once this is all set up.

And once the initial transfer is done, I get to start pricing even more equipment to get the remaining machines set up how I want them. Should be quite the fun project!