Yeah, I’m sure some of you are saying the subject right now after the first 2 posts’ titles. The first one said, roughly, “Once more, let’s begin!” The second, “This is a test.” And this one is a play on the Auto-Translator from FFXI and says “{I’m sorry.}{I don’t understand Japanese.}” Although I don’t think “I don’t understand Japanese” shows up in the AT, it makes sense in here. Anyway, any further Japanese should be directed to Babelfish for translation. ;P

So yeah, moving right along. Right now I’m downloading the Visual C++ 2005 Express to maybe have some fun with software development again, since I have a bunch of books on the subject. Now to figure out what to write. >_>

Been tossing around the idea of working on the PennMUSH install I have on my FreeBSD server, but I can’t think of any ideas that can easily be implemented without further stressing me out… so I might just goof around on my DS with FF4, Mario Kart, or maybe Animal Crossing if I feel like it. Although I’ve got a bunch of leveling still to do in FF4 (yay for sudden difficulty spikes). Of course, I was using Edge as a blink tank for a certain few boss fights, so I kinda cheated that way (go FFXI strategies), but it’s no huge deal… I’ll proceed with pwning stuff and handle the final dungeon without much trouble.

The added content in FF4 is pretty interesting… with the ability to use the previous party members from earlier in the game (and a whole dungeon added to equip them with “end-game” gear), there’s a new challenge added, which I actually like. If only Edward’s songs were as useful as a bard in FFXI’s are… no matter, I’ll beat the game first with the original party (as I think I remember the proper strategies for all the bosses in the final dungeon with them) then swap in other characters so fully unlock the Lunar Ruins… which might be kinda cool as it has even stronger gear for every character.

So, Turner Classic Movies is showing Miyazaki films on Thursdays this month. Tomorrow they’re showing Totoro. Should be good. I’ve not seen the “new” dub of it, and Howl’s Moving Castle had a good dub, so it should be a good show. If anything, my dad showed an interest in it, so I think I’ll watch it.

… I’m starting to write long posts again. This… isn’t a good sign, or is it? Ah well. Like I said, it’s something to do while bored. And since I found out that u*Blog for PalmOS works with this blog (so my local install -is- buggy!) and has proper libraries to convert JIS to Unicode and back again, and I have J-OS installed, I can post stuff with JIS text in it with no problems to this blog… I just wish WebPro grokked Unicode properly, or there was a similar library to what’s used in u*Blog for it… 2ch works fine, as do a bunch of other Japanese sites, but ones like LJ, WordPress sites, etc. that use UTF-8 show up as 文字化け (mojibake for the non-moonspeak people) or garbage characters… which somewhat defeats the purpose of me registering the software. However, there are enough sites and programs for Palm that I have use for that either look really really good, such as PAdict (direct input rocks XD) or vanatool, which is unusable without it, among other programs and various sites. The hi-res fonts included with both J-OS and PAdict are absolutely gorgeous bitmap fonts. They really make the characters look really readable.

So yeah… the gallery is up… but there’s nothing there yet, so I need to figure where to start with that. I might just start with my pics from AWA this past year and other random crap.

I need to find that plugin that strips stuff from emails so I can start actually using my unlimited Picture Messages on my cell plan and I’ll start moblogging again. Podcasting seems like a cool idea too, though I dunno if anyone really wants to hear me rant for an hour… or I’ll pester my friends to make a show with me. That might be kinda fun, but I dunno if I really have any subjects worth discussing.

Someone let me know through the usual channels if I’m out of my mind or if I have a good idea going here. I think I’m getting creative again. Maybe mindless TV -does- have a purpose. XD