A few years back during one of my silly phases, I translated all the computers in my house’s names into Japanese, using either the actual word or something similar. I had named my desktop ‘lunar’, so that became ‘tsuki’ (moon), the gateway machine was named ‘kadoguchi’ (gateway), and I had named my parents’ machine ‘iris’ so that became ‘shibori’ (camera/eye iris). This practice has continued to this day.

Why did I choose this naming convention? No reason, it’s just a somewhat unique one and certainly more interesting than the typical room1pc1 setup a lot of people do.

‘tsuki’ later became a FreeBSD server when I discovered that making my laptop my primary machine was the best idea for me as a commuting college student, where it remained until about 3 years ago when I switched it off “for good.”

With spring upon us, the want to do some serious cleaning in the computer room to make room for the rack one of my friends has for me has arisen. With a rack, I will need machines to put in it, so I decided that with the 2U case I have, I’ll rebuild tsuki. The motherboard and CPU will be the same, but I’ll put new RAM, a SATA controller card, and new drives in it.

The basic plan for now is to use FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE, with a 320 GB IDE drive for /, and a 1 TB SATA RAID-1 array as /home, using gvinum. I will probably set up Asterisk in addition to the usual suspects: ssh, Apache, Shoutcast, and the like.

While the base system is an older Sempron, running 2GB of RAM should be more than sufficient for the day-to-day operation of it.

Once tsuki’s rebirth is completed, I will very possibly begin work on a Windows server, based on this older Tyan server board I picked up. This one will be the multi-TB drive array machine, if only for hilarity’s sake.

All in all, getting all this up and running again will be a fun task that should keep my brain working for a while.

And now, back to work!