So this is the first post on my new site on my new host. I put a redirect on the old site, pointing people here… at some point I’ll get everything going just fine to where I can have tons of fun with this thing and the gallery I installed on it as well.

The blog’s set up to speak UTF-8, so liberal use of 日本語 and 顔文字 is to be expected, as I’m a student of the former and I find the second intriguing and amusing to use (and to befuddle various browser setups =P).

Anyway, I’m taking a short break from FFXI due to stresses of life and tons of events in-game finally decided to come to a head over the weekend and I ended up not feeling well at all. So I’m taking a short break and working on the finer side of life, namely watching reruns of sitcoms, blogging, and hanging out on IRC as opposed to “ZOMGWTF” in FFXI. It’s cool though, I got a lot of well wishes from my linkshell, so all is well on that front.

I’ll set up a syndication feed over on LJ for this soon enough, but for now, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I was perusing plugins for WordPress at lunch today and found some pretty cool ones. One of interest was able to strip stuff from emails, which meant I could make a moblog as part of this… also saw something about making a podcast feed, so I might do that as well. There’s all kinds of cool stuff I can do with this that I never really was able to scratch the surface on with my personal server due to limited bandwidth. So this gives me something to do to keep from being hideously bored all the time.

I also found out that Semagic can post to WordPress, but I’d probably rather just write it on the site itself. A few clients for PalmOS that supposedly post to WordPress/metaWeblog exist, but I’ve not gotten them to function properly yet, which is annoying… but I was trying my semi-buggy install on my personal site so that might be it. I’ll futz around with them for here in a day or two.

Thus far, having a pretty good amount of disk space and bandwidth will make stuff good for image macros, basic image hosting, and other stuff. I just need to figure out where tons of traffic isn’t being generated to use it… though a terabyte and a half is a whole crapload of bandwidth, so I’ll figure stuff out.

Anyway, I think that’s enough writing for now, so I’ll end this post. DreamHostの皆さん、よろしくお願いします~